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Rathna Safety Nets are Masters in Fixing All Kinds of Nylon Nets for the below applications.


Balcony Safety Nets

Balconies are an ambitious gesture for apartments and a stylistic look for every building. It also allows people to enjoy natural sunlight without having to leave their apartments. Some of them will create their balconies in the garden. Balconies build of marbles, tiles, and granites also keeping your balconies clean and clear is a challenging aspect. For a beautiful appearance, we are providing durable, reliable, high weighing capacity nets and high-quality safety nets for your apartments for bird control.


Bird Protection Nets

The problem of pigeons in our country is very high. In large-scale buildings, pigeons come into the apartment and build nests, demolishing the entire space. The threat of pigeons can be solved harmlessly without harming them by using safety nets for pigeons. We are providing pigeon safety nets. Therefore it is always necessary to check on safety whenever possible. One of the Common methods in ensuring safety would be to purchase Pigeon safety nets from reliable Merchandise.


Sports Nets

We Rathna Safety Nets offer custom protective sports netting panels, custom netting for indoor and outdoor batting cages, per sized batting cage nets, backstop netting, sports goals soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and even football field goal posts. A sports net is useful in creating more safe space out of a limited area. Many cricket pitches can be created in a given area if it is separated by nets. Nets can be used on terraces of buildings or in compounds to restrict balls from damaging property or threatening life.


Frequently Asked Question

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Safety nets can be installed on windows, balconies, terraces, and staircases. The netting system can be added to an aluminium frame as well if the terraces are not covered.

Absolutely Yes. Without a doubt. Quality materials with good tension will assure safety and will be checked and tested for trial strength after installation.

6 inches by 6 inches

310 pounds.

OSHA’s standard capacity for fall arrest equipment is 310 pounds. OSHA’s standard criteria and protocols (static and dynamic testing) justify this 310-pound limit.

The cost of a pigeon net ranges from approximately ₹285.00 – ₹820.00

Safety nets are designed to deflect and absorb the energy of a fall, reducing the chances of injury. There must be enough free space underneath the net so that the person who has fallen does not collide with an obstacle or the ground as the net deflects.

Year after year, bird netting can be preserved and reused. There are numerous sizes available. The small gaps keep birds from being trapped in the net, making it safe for them.

Windsocks, predatory bird decoys, and reflective surfaces can be used instead of bird netting.

The netting is constructed of six monofilaments that are twisted together to form a strong twine with twists per metre. The durable netting is meant to be an effective bird repellent in temperatures ranging from -250F to +270F.

Cricket Practice Nets range starts from ₹5,450 to ₹7,999


Cricket Practice Nets are typically 20 m long and 3.6 m wide. The back and side walls are 3 metres tall.

A cricket net is a type of practise net that batsmen and bowlers use to warm up and/or develop their cricketing techniques. Cricket nets are made up of a cricket pitch (natural or artificial) that is surrounded by cricket nets on both sides, the back, and, if required, the roof.

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Quick and efficient team. Did a good job of securing our balcony. With a toddler at home, this was imperative and I'm convinced the Safety net will prove Adequate.
Had Contacted this company for pigeon safety net installation. His team has done a wonderful job. I appreciate them for the prompt work & pricing. And I refer to My friends & family members.
A good job is done. Appreciate the guys who came to this lockdown and finished on time. Happy with the Service. would recommend Others in need.